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Dr.Ahmadreza Yalameha, was born in Iran and is one of the researchers and one of the experts of codicology of ancient materials. He took his M.A and M.S degrees in Persian Language & Literature in University of Isfahan with magna cum laude.

He also won top rank in the 1st national Scientific Olympiad in University of Isfahan. He also was graduated from PhD of the same field in University of Isfahan in 2004 with rank A.

Mr. Yalameha, is one of the young researchers who stood at the grade of full professor of this field and he is one of the members of Elites and Gifted & Talented students center of Azad university.

His remarkable lecturing records comprises lecturing in the field of literature, comparative literature, Study of rumi  ( reviewing Rumi’s work),Study of Hafez ( Research in Hafez’s works), and manuscript and now he is working for Azad University, Dehaghan branch as the President of Codicology Research Center.

He is invited to attend at various international conferences in USA, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Austria, Greece as a Lecturer and also professional judge. Yalameha is one of the top scientific researchers, a member of literary and humanities association in various countries such as USA and also an international reviewer in valid scientific journals in various countries.

His major specialty focuses on codicology and identification of ancient texts and he registered 27 books and 120 research scientific articles in his valuable work background.

:Individual information

First and last name: Ahmad Reza Yalameha

Father’s name: Jamshid

date of birth: 1974

National identity card number: 95

          issued by Mobarakeh reside in Esfahan

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