Firouz and Shahnaz unknown lyrical long poem by Nazem Tabrizi Introduction and correction of Anis Al Talebib Introduction and correction of Mathnavi Shahed Arshi Shabneshini Mahtab Introduction and correction of Delkash and Parivash Correction of poetic interpretation Josef Sura by Raji Dezfouli Taranome Khiyal Zolzlele Andishe Introduction and edition of Baghdad and Esfahan debate The edition of Moheb and Mahboob Mathnavi Dar Saye Sare Khiyal Mirase Roozhaeye Khastegi Az Afaghe Adabe Farsi Language and Farsi literature-general Adib Saber Tarmazi’s Divan

International Conferences

International Conferences:

  • 2016, 5th International Conferences on Humanity, Culture and Society (ICHCS 2016) In san Francisco, USA. With peper title: Philanthropy from Rumi’s viewpoint.
  • 2015,12th Annual International Conferences on Law, 13-16 July 2015. Athens, Greece. With peper title: Reflection of Iudical Contents and Concepts in Rumi’s Masnavi.
  • The Fourteenth International Conferences on New Directions in the Humanities, University of IIIinois at Chicago, USA, 2016. With peper title: Evolutionism in Great Divan of Molavi Rumi.
  • The Thirteenth International Conferences on New Directions in the Humanities, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2015. With peper title: Portrayals of Wowen in Persian Poetry, Rumi’s views on wowan in Masnavi.
  • The Twelfth International Conferences on New Directions in the Humanities, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain 2014. With peper title: Social Issues in Rumi’s Masnavi.
  • Second International Conferences on Communication & Media Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canda, With peper title: Media literature and I is Effect on the Education of Today’s Children
  • 21st Word Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association to be held at the University of Vienna, Austria, 2016. With peper title: Principles of humanism in the Poems Nima youshij and Federico Garcialorca.

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