Firouz and Shahnaz unknown lyrical long poem by Nazem Tabrizi Introduction and correction of Anis Al Talebib Introduction and correction of Mathnavi Shahed Arshi Shabneshini Mahtab Introduction and correction of Delkash and Parivash Correction of poetic interpretation Josef Sura by Raji Dezfouli Taranome Khiyal Zolzlele Andishe Introduction and edition of Baghdad and Esfahan debate The edition of Moheb and Mahboob Mathnavi Dar Saye Sare Khiyal Mirase Roozhaeye Khastegi Az Afaghe Adabe Farsi Language and Farsi literature-general Adib Saber Tarmazi’s Divan

Works under publication

1- Zolale Baran, the second collection of cultural articles, in association wirh Moslem Rajabi, first edition, Tehran, Rashedin publiocations, summer 2015.

2- Pnjerie ro be Mahtab, Teharn, first edition, Rashedin publiocations, summer 2015.

3- Zin and Mahmoud, a work by Amir Ashraf Ebne Arefe Abassi, composed 1186, first edition, summer 2015.

4- Joseph and Zaleykha, compsed by Mirza Masoom Khavari Koze Kanani, first editin, 2015.

5- Introduction and correction of Ragheb Hendi Divan (Mir Mobarak Allah Khan) based on an existing manuscript copy, first edition, winter 2015.

6- Correction of Feragh Nameh Ragheb Hendai (Mir Mobarak Allah Khan) based on two exquisite manuscript copy first edition, winter 2015.

7- Introduction and correction of Anis Altalebin Vade Salekin in association with Dr. Aghahosseini, institute of Islamic studies of Tehran University, in association with Mac Gill Montréal University of Canada (under publication).

8- Correction of Unknown Mathnavi Almanaviei Alkhafiei by Golshani Bordei, in imitation of Mthnavi Mollana in 40 thousnads couplets.

9- Khorshid and Parvaneh a newly founded long lyrical poem written by composer.

10- Khoram and Ziba, unknown lyrical poem, based on newly founded copies.



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